Marshall Wharf brews 17 draft lines of beer which they have available on tap in Three Tides. They brew some seasonably but they always have a large selection on tap. They have a Brewery Store and Tasting Room and are adjacent to a restaurant that may as well be called their Brewpub called Three Tides which is right on the water in Belfast Maine The Brewery store and tasting room sells and fills selling “growlers to go”.
Marshall Wharf’s contact telephone is 207.338.1707 and they publish an email address of

2 Pinchy Lane
Belfast, ME 04915
Hours: Tues – Sat 4:00pm – Close (Sundays in the summer)

Growlers available:
Big Twitch IPA
Cant Dog Imperial IPA
Deep Purple Rauchbier
Little Mayhem
Pemaquid Oyster Stout
Umlaut Kolsch
Wrecking Ball Baltic Porter

Marshall Wharf is the house brewery for Three Tides. Also on draft at:
The East Ender (Portland)
Finn’s Irish Pub (Ellsworth)
Frontier Cafe (Brunswick)
Great Lost Bear (Portland)
Hot Suppa! (Portland)
Local 188 (Portland)
McKays Public House (Bar Harbor)
Nocturnem (Bangor)
Nosh (Portland)
Novare Res (Portland)
Duckfat (Portland)
Primo (Rockland)
Sonny’s (Portland)
Thirsty Pig (Portland)
When Pigs Fly (Kittery)
Woodman’s (Orono)

Black Angus 9.00% abv NEW! | Seasonal
Our Belgian Royal Stout, brewed with two yeasts. One German Ale Yeast, and a Belgian strong ale yeast. Dark, rich and sublime.
Cant Dog Imperial IPA 10.00% abv NEW!
This beer is the one beer that our brewers and I would take to that mythical deserted island if we could only bring one Marshall Wharf beer. Huge malt backbone matched with huge amounts of hops.
Deep Purple Rauchbier 6.20% abv NEW!
Smoke on the water! This Bamberg inspired smoked ale is bacon in a glass. Very polarizing beer, you either like the style and taste, or you never want to drink it again. Unique, brewed using German malts and Noble hops.
Pinchy 3.00% abv NEW!
Our newest beer. A Red Ale with plenty of flavor, just not packing the heat of some of our stronger beers. Drink it for breakfast, at lunch, or all day long.
Sexy Chaos 11.20% abv NEW! | Seasonal
We age Chaos Choas on vanilla beans and toasted oak chips to give the already sultry and complex Russian Imperial Stout a sexy twist. Very limited availablilty.
42 Cream Ale 7.20% abv nitro
Nother birthday, another beer for David. This light and smooth drinker packs a punch and goes down way too easy. Only brewed in July, enjoy it while it lasts!
Ace Hole Pale Ale 6.10% abv
Our newest regular member of the pale ale lineup. Hopped with Sorachi Ace and Citra hops.
Attenuator Doppelbock 9.00% abv | Seasonal
Dark, strong and malty. Brewed with our house ale yeast, this beer is a delight, sometimes served on nitrogen.
Big Twitch IPA 9.00% abv
Our 2nd place IPA. Only the Cant Dog is stonger, although arguments abound as to who is hoppier. A session IPA? NO! But you can try if you want. One of our personal favorites around the bar.
Bitty 5.80% abv | Seasonal
We took the Illegal Ale-ien and dropped the ABV to 6% then added a Belgian yeast to kick it into a different direction. Tart, light and refreshing, a one time brew.
Chaos Chaos Russian Imperial Stout 11.20% abv
Big dark and strong.
Cornholio 6.10% abv | Seasonal
Brewed originally for the Maine Cletic Celebration here in Belfast, this is a Welsh inspired Blonde Ale. We use a fair amount of corn in the mash and that along with the jagged, inlet lined coastline the locals in Wales refer to as ” holes ” inspired the name. Limited availability.
Danny McGovern’s Oatmeal Stout 6.10% abv
Our brewer’s signature stout. Smooth, dark and a little sweeter than the Sea Level Stout. Original recipe, brewed by him with the ingredients he wants in his stout.
Docktor Dunklesweizen 6.50% abv | Seasonal
Darker and stronger than the Weisse Grip. This beer has darker German wheat and is also carmalized in the kettle blending that flavor with the banana & cloves from our Munich style yeast.
Happy Dog Coffee Porter 9.10% abv
Green Tree Coffee used to be our neighbors, thankfully they are not far away now. We use their hand roasted coffee combined with the Wrecking Ball Baltic Porter to create this beer.
Illegal Ale-Ien 8.00% abv nitro
A hybrid kolsch/wheat beer brewed with organic blue agave nectar. Light in color and finish.
Little Max Red Ale 4.50% abv | Seasonal
The small beer brewed from the same grain as the Maxmillian as a sparged parti gyle beer. One time only, available in October of 2010.
Little Mayhem 5.00% abv nitro | Seasonal
This small stout is brewed from the same grains that we brew Chaos Chaos, our Russian Imperial Stout. All the malt flavor, without the 10 % abv. Served on nitrogen at the bar, and CO2 in growlers from the store.
Little Toot 4.70% abv | Seasonal
Brewed from the same grains as our T2-R9 barleywine, this beer has all the flavor of it’s big brother, without the kick. We dry hopped this batch pretty heavy, this drinks like a session APA/IPA @ under 5% abv.
MacFindlay Scotch Ale 8.00% abv | Seasonal
Brewed with peat smoked malt this strong Scotch Ale has a big malt presence. Recently blended with 2 year old bourbon barrel aged Macfindlay Scotch ale and bottled in 22 oz bottles for sale in our brewery store.
Marian 5.10% abv | Seasonal
Congratulations to Elizabeth and Jeff as they celebrate their first child, and our brewer’s first grandchild. Marian is a 100% Centenniel hopped dry pale ale that was brewed as a celebratory beer using ingredients from the countries of heritage of the parents. One time only. Available October of 2010.
Maxmillian Imperial Red Ale 10.00% abv | Seasonal
The second beer in the grandchild series. Our brewer’s German grandfather who influeneced him and sent him on his way to brewing beer, and eventually here @ Marshall Wharf. Thanks Grandpa Maxmillian! We brewed a small version at the same time Little Max.
Old No 58 8.00% abv | Seasonal
Congrats to Mary and Matt , wed on 7/16/2011 in Barbados. This is their wedding beer brewed by proud Papa, Dan McGovern. A dark, strong, and malty ale, this beer is a combination of both bride and groom’s heritage.
Pemaquid Oyster Stout 6.10% abv
Brewed every year for the Pemaquid Oyster Festival in Damariscotta, this riich, chocolatey brew benefits from having ten dozen live oysters involved in the beer….mmmm oysters.
Phil Brown Ale 6.00% abv nitro
Named for the one and only Phil Brown. Brewed for his 75th birthday in 2009 and on tap ever since. We use peat smoked malt in this beer for our own little spin and to honor Mr. Brown’s heritage. Thank you Phil!
Scott’s Scoville Chili Ale-Ien 8.50% abv | Seasonal
Brewed every fall when the jalapeno and habanero peppers are available. This hot version of our Illegal Ale-ien is only on draft for our Brewery Anniversary and then at Three Tides until the keg kicks.
Sea Level Stout 5.70% abv nitro
Traditional Irish, roasty, stout. Dark and tasty!
Sloppy Seconds 5.00% abv | Seasonal
Happy 2nd Anniversary Novare Res. Brewed using 2 Belgian yeasts. This beer was on tap in early Summer 2010. One keg left and it’ll be tapped for the 3rd year of Beer and Pemaquid Mussel Fest on October 16th @ Three Tides.
Snow Cone Pale Ale 4.50% abv | Seasonal
A green hopped or fresh hopped or wet hopped pale ale. 2010 brought us Chinook hops that we hung in the fermenter. Hops in the nose, hops in the beer….mmmmmmm hops!
Spicy Ace Hole 5.90% abv | Seasonal
We took a batch of our Ace Hole APA and dosed it up with some Belgian yeast adding a nice peppery spice to the Sorachi Ace and Citra hops. Very limited availability.
T2-R9 Barleywine 11.20% abv
Only brewed once, this big, bad, barleywine style ale is a monster. Complex malt and hops married together and still figuring out what they want to be when they grow up. Yum!
Toughcats IPA 7.00% abv
Brewed in collaboration with our favorite Fox Island musical trio The Toughcats, this single hop Palisade IPA is a smooth operator. Originally created for the 2011 Belfast Harborfest, popularity deemed another batch be made. Light and way too easy to drink, the apricot and peach attributes of the hop shine through in this delicious beer.
Tug Pale Ale 5.00% abv
Our classic pale ale. Named for the Tugboats that share our part of Belfast Harbor.
Umlaut Kolsch 4.20% abv | Seasonal
Classic German style beer. Everything in this beer is from Germany except the water. Light, crisp and refreshing. Spring, Summer and Fall only
Weisse Grip Hefeweizen 5.50% abv | Seasonal
We use a great Munich style Hefeweizen yeast for this beer. Bananas, clove and of course the yeast. Brewed in late Spring and Summer only.
Wet Dog 9.00% abv | Seasonal
20 pounds of fresh, wet, green Simcoe hops went into this 7bbl batch of Cant Dog. So grapefruity & tasty. On tap 9/20, around until 10/15. Only available @ Three Tides on tap.
Wiener 6.30% abv
This Vienna style ale is brewed using all German ingredients, including a lot of Wiener malt from our German malt supplier. Very smooth and easy to drink.
Wrecking Ball Baltic Porter 8.40% abv
Brewed with molasses this dark and strong beer makes fast work of WInter. Used as the base for our Happy Dog Coffee Porter